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" P A R A - C H A L L E N G E C U P / B I H A C - 2 0 2 3 "

  • Date: 29.07.2023 08:30 - 30.07.2023 15:00
  • Location Aerodrom Bihać, Bosna i Hercegovina (Map)


" P A R A - C H A L L E N G E C U P / B I H A C - 2 0 2 3 "

Bulletin / Notice / Rules / Info for participants

I Activity organizer:

- Aero center "Panorama" from Bihać (hereinafter referred to as the "organizer")

II Place and date of event:

- Sports airport "Golubić", Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina, July 29. and 30. 2023.

III Application and registration fee

- Applications for participation must be filled out and submitted on the spot, no later than 08:30 a.m. on July 29,2023.

- The registration fee for the organization of the competition is €15 or KM 30 per planned jump.

- Winners of previous Para challenge cups do not pay the registration fee.

- It is also possible to apply for individual paratroopers, from whom the so-called mix teams.

- Training jumps can also be performed by parachutists-students, but only with the presence of their instructors.

IV Conditions for participation

* Participants must:

- that they have a valid license (certificate of training) or a certificate that it may be the same in the renewal


- to be under the authority and responsibility exclusively of their instructors if they do not have a valid license,

- to have a valid medical certificate as well as an appropriate insurance policy,

- to be trained for the type of jumps they perform,

- to have a properly maintained skydiving booklet,

- to have proper equipment and technically correct parachutes with proper documentation,

- to sign the Application for performing parachute jumps with the Declaration by hand, which will confirm that

fulfill all of the above and perform the jumps at their own risk.

V Responsibility for participation

- Participation in skydiving is voluntary and the organizer bears no responsibility towards the participants in the event

of their possible illness, injury, accident or causing damage to third parties.

VI Rules for performing jumps

- The discipline that is on the competition/competition program is jump to the goal (individual and team),

- The team consists of 4 (four) people. It can also be a mixed male-female composition of the team.

- 8 (eight) jumps are jumped, which are scored for both team and individual placement,

- In the case of the same final total, the advantage is given to the individual / team that has more smaller

results (eg more “zeros”, “ones”, etc.)

- The minimum for the validity of the competition is 4 (four) performed jumps.

- Part of the registration fee paid will be returned to the participants for possibly uncompleted jumps.

- The results of the jumps will be measured by "SkyLab Circuits" electronics with a "pancake" of 2 cm.

- The organizer, in case of justified reasons, has the right to change these rules.


VII Aircraft and weather conditions

- The organizer will provide an adequate aircraft for performing jumps.

- The jumping height will be 1000 m for target jumps, (other jumps up to 2000 m high),

- The permitted maximum wind speed at landing will be 8 m/s

VIII Proclamation of the most successful

- Three first-place winners will be announced: individual men, individual women and team,

- The organizer will provide medals for the three first-place finishers in the individual and team rankings,

- It is necessary to have a minimum of 4 teams registered in order to recognize and announce the team ranking,

- Cups follow only the winners of the 1st (first) places; in individual and team placement,

- If there is an opportunity, the organizer can hand out additional prizes, awards and gifts to the participants.

IX Accommodation and meals of the participants

- The organizer will, as before, try to provide at least one meal a day to all participants,

- There is WiFi,water,electricity,toilet and improvised shower at the airport,and there is also the possibility of camping

- There is a possibility of free accommodation (overnight) at the airport for 7-8 participants who register first,

- Information about the most affordable accommodation in the city can be requested by the organizers in advance,

- The organizer will try to ensure that participants can at acceptable prices at the airport to buy: coffee, juices,

sandwiches, etc., and there is also the option of delivery of ready-made food from the city.

X Competition management and jury

- It will be determined and communicated to the participants at the briefing before the start of the practical activities.

XI Final provisions

- The organizer reserves the right to change the name, character, hourly rate and program of activities.

- The interpretation of the provisions of this Bulletin is the sole responsibility of the organizer.

- The activity is closed to the public.

- Interested parties can get all other information by sending an inquiry to e-mail:


29.07.2023. (Saturday)

to 08:00 a.m. arrival of participants at the airport "Golubić" and filling out applications

09:00 a.m. meeting with the team leaders, extraction the order of jumping and a short briefing with all


10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. skydiving (break for opening and lunch at a convenient time)

from 8:00 p.m. gathering of participants at the airport.

30.07.2023. (Sunday)

from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. performance of final jumps, and eventual tandem jumps and other exhibition and high

jumps, from 3:00 p.m. lunch, announcement of the most successful participants, awards and closing of activities