World Accuracy Landing Athletes Results (WALAR)

WALAR is database system which contain information about all World wide Skydive / Parachute Accuracy Landing competitions and athletes’ results. The goal of the WALAR is to valorise all Accuracy Landing competitions, no mater how big they are, and to valorise all athletes with ranking points system. That system will help and motivate organizers to make our sport more attractive to public, it will help to NAC’s and national selectors in national ranking and selections for the best national teams, and also, that will help to save information about worldwide competitions on the one place.

Methods and the Rules

All Accuracy landing competitions in the World can be accepted in our data base if:
You provide us by the official invitation bulletins and the official results bulletins.
Bulletins with results need to be signed by FAI judge.
If organizer do not deliver full information about competition, results will be researchable but points will not be given to organizer and to competitors.
  • All competitions will be ranked according to number of competitors, number of finished jump rounds and according to personal strength of competitors - table no.1.
  • All competitions giving points to the competitors according to table no.2. which contain relation of ranking position of the competitor with the relevant competition category.
  • Good personal results score giving additional points to competitors according to table no.3.
  • All competitions are ranked by points according to table no.4.


Rankings are defined in categories
o Male
o Female
o Juniors
Results for the Athlete Ranking list will be valid for the 2 years, for example, Athlete points given on competition 15.05.2021 will not be calculated on ranking list after 15.05.2023.
Personal points 2 years competition will not be deleted, data’s will be researchable, but points will not be calculated for the actual WALAR ranking.
Organizers of competitions will be ranked also by WALAR Organizers Points (OP). That points will be defined by the next formula: 
WALAR-OP = Sum of the rank points of the competitors x number of competitors x number of the finished competition jump rounds.
WALAR-OP can help you to choose suitable competitions for you.

Table 1

Table 2

Table 3

Table 4